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The Real Estate Syndication and Deal Making Symposium

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Here's your opportunity to grab and employ proven Strategies For Syndicating Real Estate Properties and Make Huge Profits!

Joel G. Block, Speaker, Chief Deal Maker


  • Do You Want to Create as many as 15 Revenue Streams on Every Real Estate Deal...on Top of Your Regular Commission? Our Company Teaches Individuals From All Aspects Of Professional Real Estate Exactly How To Do Just That!!
  • By filling out our Contact Form on the left, our Exclusive 10-Part Real Estate Syndication Report is Yours At No Cost!
  • With fewer deals being made in the current commercial properties market than in years past, real estate brokers, agents, investors and suppliers must retool to adapt. By learning and adopting our syndication principals and guidelines, you will gain and keep more of the profits.
  • You'll be privy to "Insider Syndication Techniques" that are simply not taught in other places - 100% ethical, legal and moral, but normally kept under wraps by the top people in the field, so that they alone can wring out the extra profits from each deal!
  • You are the leader. You keep the control. And you get to hold on to more profits than you can imagine.

Who We Are

Growth-Logic, Inc. is the nation's preeminent real estate syndication training provider, helping real estate brokers, other real estate professionals and investors acquire the skills to pool resources so that they can build wealth by controlling growing portfolios of real property. Brokers also learn to earn more commissions by working with investment groups that are acquiring properties with pooled funds. All programs include professional support and dramatic networking opportunities from the interaction between our participants.

Growth-Logic, Inc.'s "Real Estate Syndication And Deal Making Symposium" gives you great detail on how to "Harness the Power of Syndication" to create maximum wealth by strategically partnering and optimizing deal strategies for investing in Commercial Real Estate in today's market, or at any time, throughout the United States.

This private symposium is offered exclusively through Growth-Logic, Inc. and presented by a highly skilled, respected and seasoned real estate deal maker & financier, Joel G. Block.

Please call our corporate office to set up a teleconference where we will answer all of your questions.



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